Name: Noyan Soyak
Residence: Istanbul, TURKEY


  • Graduated from Middle East Technical University – Ankara - Dept. Of History in 1989, Specialized in Political History of 19th and early 20th Century.
  • Licence program Syracuse University in 1990


  • Joined Alyans/ Tempo Logistics and Transportation Management Co. In November 1991, and worked as Moscow Representative until 1994. stablished 5 Joint-Ventures in Turkey, together with Russian ship owning and Transport Companies.
  • Resided in USSR – Russian Federation between 1991-1994, Initiated and arranged the first safe transportation system for the US Government sponsored humanitarian aid cargoes (PL480) from the U.S. to Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus Regions.
  • Presently acting as Board Member in the same Company.
  • Vice Chairman of Turkish Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC), since 2000.
  • Facilitated the informal relations between Armenia and Turkey and established the first Public Diplomacy Projects between two countries in 2000-2002, Together with the American University, Center for Global Peace in Washington DC. Including, Regional Ecomical meetings (Armenia – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey), Concerts of several Armenian and Turkish musicians, Corporate visits between Turkey and Armenia.
  • Facilitated and Organized Another 2nd Track Diplomacy project Between Turkey and Armenia Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement Project and Economic Prospects for Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process between 2011 – 2013, together with USAID and UMBA (Union of Manufacturers and Businessman Assoc. Of Armenia)
  • Intensively worked as Dynamic and accurate Business Consultant in C.I.S, especially South Caucasia Region. Expertise in Conflict resolution methods, Track2 projects especially between Turkey and Armenia.
  • Facilitated and established several Business relations/connections between Turkish and Armenian Companies, in different sectors, Manufacturing goods, Telecommunication, ICT, Transportation, different start ups.
  • Founder member of Social Corporate Responsibility Association Turkey Member of Marine Environment Protection Society